Our Woobie blankets are the same design as the military wet weather poncho liners that the military uses as a blanket. 

The history of our love for the Woobie Blanket comes from our Dad, who was in the Vietnam War.  He had kept his Army issued poncho liner and we would always argue over who got to use it as a blanket on our couch.  The military still issues these blankets, over 45 years later and the poncho liners have a cult following but they are only issued to active duty and they are only issued in military colors.  We had our Dad’s blanket for over 29 years until it was misplaced; it was that durable!

We offer our Woobies in the same fabric and quilted design as the poncho liners but in fun and bright colors and we are the only company that does this. 

The Woobie Blanket design is unique in that it is not a fuzzy blanket, they are smooth to the touch.  You will find that Woobie blankets are superior to fuzzy blankets in many ways.  Woobies will never pill, sand does not stick to them, grass and pet hair can be easily shaken off of them, they are semi-water resistant, they are light weight, extremely durable and they dry fast.

Woobies make great beach blankets, picnic blankets, camping and car blankets, pet blankets, couch blankets and sports event blankets.  The rare quality of the ripstop nylon can feel cool to the touch or can be a warm blanket as they trap body heat. 

We are excited to bring these blankets to the public so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a Woobie.