Pink with Black Woobie


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We found only 3 of these left, so get them while you can!  They were mixed in with some red ones but they were actually pink!

This is a Pink with Black Piping Woobie.  This comes with a travel bag as shown.

Woobie Blankets are made from 100% nylon outer shell and 100% polyester batting.  They are based on the military design of the wet weather poncho liner, but they do not have the tassles. They are light weight, durable and smooth to the touch and dry fast when they get wet.  They are semi-water proof.  Sand and pet hair won't stick to it like a fuzzy, fleece, cotton or jersey blanket. They do not develop lint and they will last for years and years! Overall size is 55" by 82" (a queen bed is 60" by 80" for reference)  They may feel a little stiff when they are new, but I promise they will break in and be soft and smooth after a few uses and washes!